The field of interior design extends beyond mere aesthetics. It is a symbiosis of art, psychology, and science, with the sole purpose of enhancing the functionality and improving the quality of life for inhabitants of a space. As more emphasis is placed on the importance of well-designed spaces, professional interior designers have taken center stage. One organization standing tall in this respect is the Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID) in Dubai. Among the notable members is Antonovich Design (, a firm known for its luxurious and innovative approach to interior spaces.

Foundation and History

Founded in Dubai, the APID is a professional body representing interior designers in the Gulf region. Since its inception, the organization has been a beacon of inspiration and influence, advocating for the professional recognition and legal protection of the interior design profession. Through its activities, APID has highlighted the role of interior design in safeguarding public health, improving productivity, and increasing overall well-being. The organization also promotes collaboration with luxury design brands.

While the organization initially catered to Dubai, it quickly broadened its scope to cater to the Gulf region. This expansion underscores the organization’s commitment to elevating regional interior design standards.

Mission and Vision

APID’s mission is to serve as a professional platform where interior designers can interact, exchange ideas, and express their views. APID also liaises with educational institutions to foster interior design studies and encourage the emergence of new talents.

Their vision is a future where the interior design profession is fully recognized for its contribution to society, with interior designers sitting at the decision-making table on matters regarding built environments.

Activities and Initiatives

APID organizes various initiatives aimed at enhancing the professional development of interior designers. These include:

  1. Seminars: These are designed to keep members abreast of the latest design trends, innovative ideas, and new materials in the market.
  2. Workshops: Hands-on learning experiences that provide members with practical skills, such as utilizing design software or understanding construction codes.
  3. Networking Events: These events aim to connect members with industry professionals, potential clients, and like-minded peers, fostering a strong sense of community.

Achievements and Impact

Since its inception, APID has had a profound impact on the interior design landscape in the Gulf region:

  • Recognition of the Profession: APID has played a significant role in elevating the status of interior design as a profession, resulting in greater recognition and respect.
  • Educational Collaboration: The association has fostered partnerships with educational institutions, promoting the inclusion of more comprehensive interior design curricula.
  • Economic Impact: By promoting the profession, APID indirectly contributes to the economy by creating job opportunities and driving demand for local and international design products.
  • Standards and Guidelines: APID has developed a code of ethics and professional conduct that guides the practice of interior design in the region.

The Science of Interior Design

Interior design is not simply about making a space look good; it’s also a matter of making it feel good. It involves understanding humans’ cognitive and emotional needs and how they respond to the built environment. This understanding is backed by extensive scientific research on human behaviors, needs, and aspirations. The field considers ergonomics, psychology, and sociology, turning data into design principles that create harmonious, functional spaces.

The Future of APID

APID continues to forge ahead, embracing the challenges of an ever-evolving industry. As sustainability, digital technology, and new materials continue to shape the future of interior design, APID is poised to guide its members through these changes. The association remains committed to improving lives through the power of design, proving that APID is not just about the spaces we create but the lives enriched within them.

The Association of Professional Interior Designers has truly played a pivotal role in enhancing the interior design industry in the Gulf region. From driving professional development to advocating for recognition of the profession, APID continues to be an influential force in the industry. As the association looks to the future, it remains steadfast in its commitment to elevating interior design standards, fostering innovation, and enriching people’s lives through design.